Baby Bowen Therapy

Baby massageBaby Bowen is a series of extremely gentle yet highly effective moves that are made on your baby’s back and front.

Baby Bowen is Bowen Technique for babies

Baby Bowen Therapy is extremely effective at relieving baby aches and pains and for treating any problems that your baby might be experiencing. Simply stated, the Bowen Technique resets the body to heal itself. It consists of a series of gentle moves, usually with just the thumb and finger, across muscles or tendons in a very gentle rolling motion.

Most of the work can be performed through light clothing; however, sometimes it is easier to work directly on skin. The Bowen moves are made on specific parts of the body, such as across muscle on either side of the spine, that triggers the body’s natural responses to heal itself. It is non-invasive, and is so gentle that it is hard to believe anything is happening. It is not massage or manipulation. A new born baby is able to have Bowen Therapy within a day or so after birth, as it is so gentle, the child is barely aware of being treated.

Baby Bowen Therapy is extremely effective at rebalancing the nervous system in babies and can make a huge difference to babies suffering from birth trauma, tense muscles as well as immature digestive systems. The result is a calm, happy baby that sleeps better.

Bowen Therapy can also help treat:

  • Infant colic
  • Blue babies
  • Misalignments in the spine due to labour
  • and has been great for hiccups
  • Chest infections
  • Asthma
  • Reflux
  • Restlessness
  • Premature babies

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