Protect Your Inner Princess

Little princess“PYIP” Protect Your Inner Princess or Prince

An inner princess or prince is in everyone.

It exists in their heart, mind and soul.

Your inner princess is something that you can not see or touch.

It is far from tangible, it is a part of your intellectual, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

It is a concept, thought or story that we are taught to believe when we are a child.

It is simply a part of you that wants to exist in a magical, enchanted, beautiful, fairy tale world that is seen through the eyes of girls that are blissfully looking for that happily ever after.

Our inner princess we would never in a million years treat people the way some people have treated us.

PYIP LogoYour inner princess is filled with joy and love and wants to live in a harmonious world. As a result, it leaves your inner princess vulnerable and open to the harmful world that does exist, and it can and will hurt you. So…what’s the answer…learn how to protect yourself. It is my goal to empower all females out there with the tools to live harmoniously in our world.

Claudia Feuerstake is the founder of this organization and she does classes, programs, workshops and motivational speaking events for children, teens and adults.

For more information please visit or call her at The Pomegranate Tree today.


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