Pregnancy Massage

Depositphotos_36121215_sPregnancy massage is done by a Registered Massage Therapist.

A trained prenatal Registered Massage Therapist knows where a pregnant woman’s sore spots are likely to be and will be able to provide some relief in a non medical and non chemical way.

Prenatal massage shares many of the same goals of regular massage: relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility and just make you feel good.

Carrying a baby inside you changes your center of gravity and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Pregnancy also relaxes your ligaments, so that your pelvic joints are less stable, and changes your posture, pulling your pelvis forward. Add to that the extra weight you’re carrying and you may find you are achy all over with discomfort in your lower back.

The focus of a massage therapy treatment is on the needs and extensive physical changes a woman goes through during her childbearing months. From conception to the day you give birth, relieve all your discomforts from pregnancy with our specially trained pregnancy Massage Therapists. You can anticipate feeling relief from tension and soreness in your back, legs and hips, it also helps you sleep better and feel rejuvenated.

Book today and get the relaxation and relief you deserve before your sleepless nights with the little one begin.

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