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Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling is a new and innovative way to coach children, teens and adults, to connect with their inner voice and the truth of any situation.

Services for the Mind:

Conversation with the psychologist Intuitive Counselling For Adults

Intuitive Counselling uses a combination of techniques and strategies for healing to occur, including, life coaching, Reiki, energy work, rainbow energy healing, hypnotherapy, angel guidance and intuitive readings. This awesome combination is what makes this type of intuitive counseling so powerful, healing and effective.

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Intuitive CounselingIntuitive Counselling For Children and Teens

The goal of Intuitive Counselling is to help children communicate what is bothering them and to help them feel better. When working with children and teens during an intuitive counseling session it is so important to create an environment that is not about criticism or judgment but about understanding where they are coming from and creating and maintaining a connection with the child.

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Little princessProtect Your Inner Princess

Your inner princess is filled with joy and love and wants to live in a harmonious world. As a result, it leaves your inner princess vulnerable and open to the harmful world that does exist, and it can and will hurt you. So…what’s the answer…learn how to protect yourself. It is my goal to empower all females out there with the tools to live harmoniously in our world.

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Everything Happens for a reason

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