Is your desk job hurting your health?

Is your desk job hurting your health? How massage therapy can help!


Health Issues caused by desk jobsWith today’s society being more tech-savvy than ever before, it’s not surprising that most jobs require employees to spend a large amount of time on their computers and smart phones. While technology has its many advantages, it may be the source of more health concerns than you think. Long hours spent in poor postural patterns can lead to issues such as headaches, eye strain, nerve compression, and chronic muscle tension. What exactly is an office worker to do? Take some time for a massage! The number one remark I hear after treating a new client is “Why didn’t I come here sooner?!”

The benefits of massage therapy are endless

  • Improved circulation
  • decreased muscle tension
  • relief of pain
  • increase in relaxation are just a few.

While working at a desk is inevitable for most, the physical stress does not have to be. Implementing a regular massage routine into your schedule is a great way to maintain an optimally functioning musculoskeletal system.

I am thoroughly excited to provide such a valuable and rewarding therapy for all new and existing clients. I look forward to meeting you within the positive and healing environment of The Pomegranate Tree.

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