Intuitive Counselling For Children and Teens

Intuitive Counseling for children and teensThe goal of Intuitive Counselling is to help children communicate what is bothering them and to help them feel better.

When working with children and teens during an intuitive counseling session it is so important to create an environment that is not about criticism or judgment but about understanding where they are coming from and creating and maintaining a connection with the child. Children need to be understood and making them feel understood is important to growth and development.

Once that is established, together with the child, Intuitive Counseling does 3 things:  1) identify’s the issue 2) presents a solution 3) empowers the child

Working together during an Intuitive Counselling session can help the child think differently about their behavior and ultimately consider what might be gained through change and helping them to do it.


Intuitive Counselling for Children and Teens

Children seven years and older are ideal clients for Intuitive Counseling and you can usually see results after one or two treatments. Claudia Feuerstake has a fantastic rapport with children and they find it easy to talk to her about issues like, bullying, racism, anxiety, self confidence, and body image.

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