The POM TREE Family Fund Presentation

The POM TREE Family Fund Presentation

Valerie, Ayverie and Claudia

Ayverie, had brain Cancer. She is 8 years old, full of life and a joy to be around. She is so sweet, calm and has eyes as bright as the sun. Ayverie was wearing a hat when she first came in for the presentation, but then she took it off to show me her scars on the back of her head. She was so proud that she had some hair growing back and excited that she finally had eyebrows and eyelashes. I was so to

Gifts from the community

Ayverie was so happy to see the balloons and all the gifts, she just turned 8 a few days ago so she was thrilled to get some balloons. Valerie, Ayveries mom said, “this is the happiest I have seen her in a long time”. I was absolutely thrilled to bring this family such joy during one of the hardest times in their life.uched when she tilted her head down so I could touch her new hair…but I couldn’t help but massage her head for a few minutes. She really liked that.

All of us at The Pomegranate Tree are so happy to have been of service to this beautiful little girl and her mom Valerie.


If you would like to follow Ayverie on Facebook you can find her under Ayverie’s Journey.

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THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our annual POM TREE Family Fund!


A Family Poem

We are Looking for a Family to help during Christmas 2014!

The Pom Tree Family FundThe Pom Tree Family Fund was created and inspired by our first ever family in 2011. They are a family that worked hard their entire life, contributed to our community and strived to create a happy, fulfilling life for their family and children. Unfortunately, the were hit by a disease and almost at the brink of loosing it all. It was our goal here at The Pomegranate Tree to help this family in any way we could to help support them during the toughest time in their life. If you know of a family who could use some help, please let us know. It would be great to hear from you!

Please e-mail us at: or call the clinic: 905-901-2321

They will be required to pass some of our requirements.

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The Pomegranate Tree LogoHow to give back to a family in need!

THE POM TREE Family Fund!

The Pomegranate Tree is giving back to our community! We are fortunate enough to have many wonderful clients and families who we work with. Often times we have families that are struck with tragedy by a family member enduring an illness where they are on the brink of loosing it all. Their loved one to a disease like cancer, their home because they can’t work anymore, little food as they can’t afford it and less time to spend with one another, not to mention the extreme stress they are under not only the parents but the children as well. Families work hard at creating a wonderful life, home and relationships only to loose it all to a disease. This is heartbreaking! Imagine if that was your family?


Every year The Pomegranate Tree will raise money, accept gift cards, toys, non perishable food, for a family to donate to at Christmas time. We will present the family with the donation on December 23rd of every year. Our goal is to raise enough money for the family to progress through this journey and make this hard road as easy as possible and to provide some kind of relief and hope during such a traumatic time. We will also be accepting via e-mail potential family applications. Send your e-mail to for a family in the Oakville community that we can helped.


  • Gift Cards to Swiss Chalet, Metro, Walmart, etc.
  • Non perishable food items
  • Monetary donations
  • NEW toys