Absorbing the Energies of Spring!


It’s spring and our environment is alive with energies of renewal, rejuvenation and rebirth!

So why not harness these for our own life and path? ┬áIt’s quite simple. The formula to absorb the energies of Spring is a combination of setting a clear intention and of bringing consciousness or awareness to the experience.

The Root Chakras

Go outdoors and pick what you would like to absorb energies from, the sun, the sounds, the air, the trees or plants. Let’s say you’ve chosen the sun, putting a chair on the porch and sun tanning would not do it! It is too passive of a connection for you to really access what is at the essence of these amazing rays. Instead, go out in the sun, sit down somewhere comfortable and close your eyes.

Set the intention within yourself that you wish to absorb from the rays of the sun on all levels not just the physical one. With that, bring your awareness to the sensation of the rays as they reach the surface of your skin, let’s say your face. Go deeply into this feeling by giving it all your focus and attention. The warmth, the colours you see through your closed eyelids, use your breath to begin to bring these sensations into your whole being.

Visualize breathing in, absorbing the rays of the sun through your skin and with your lungs. As you breathe in focus on absorbing and as you exhale release what you have absorbed through your whole body.

This is how the energy begins to flow in and spread out. Keep using your breath to keep the process going and continue moving the sun energy into yourself. The longer you are able to keep your attention on this process the greater your connection becomes with this energy coming from the sun and the more you are able to absorb. Check in with your body and energy field afterwards to see the difference this exercise made.

Make sure to say a thank you at the end for what you have been able to receive!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Dalida Iruoha
Medical Intuitive
The Pomegranate Tree

Dalida Iruoha, Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer



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