About the Owner

Claudia Feuerstake

Inspirational and Intuitive Healer

Those that meet Claudia soon realize that she is an energetic, motivating and inspiring person, radiating these qualities in everything she does. Her life’s passion is helping people, her dedication, drive and commitment to getting the job done right has helped her to become the extremely successful healthcare professional and healer that she is today.

Claudia has a degree in Physical Education (BPhEd) from Brock University and is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Massage Therapy helped her understand the deeper workings of the body, how to address a clients needs and how to guide them toward positive lifestyle choices. In addition to that, her continued education in the Post Graduate Program at Centennial College; Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion has provided her with a tremendous amount of practical skills and experience in areas such as health promotion, social marketing, motivational counselling, program planning and management which she has applied to her working career. She is also a certified Bowen Therapist, this is a modality of treatment that took away her own long standing severe lower back pain, as a result, she wants to enhance her clients lives by providing this treatment to them as well.

After working in the health industry for 14 years, she decided to take her skills to the next level. It had become evident to her that both the mind and body were interconnected, so if she wanted to help people change their bodies, she would also need to empower their minds. This led to her certification in Counselling Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Counselling. After many years of counselling and coaching clients she began to immerse herself in the third part of the self, which is the spirit or your soul. That completed and created a well rounded perspective of the person as a whole. After many years of working with people, it became more and more clear that in order to treat a client as a whole and allow for healing to occur…you must address all 3 components, the mind, body and spirit. Claudia has read and engaged in spiritual teachings and understanding of the metaphysical world. She has completed many spiritual courses, including Angel Communication, Angel Guidance and Healing Advanced, Mediumship, Rainbow Energy Healing and Akashic Record Certification. She is now using these gifts in her healing work with children teens and adults today.
As a result, Claudia is now helping more people than ever to make the changes they want to make and to live balanced, healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. Her life experience, post-secondary education, professional skills and spiritual influences provides her with a solid foundation to help people attain profound healing and the ultimate in health.

In addition to that, Claudia has been mentoring teenagers for many years. As a result she realized there is such a need out there for positive role models for teenagers. So, she decided to create the concept and company PYIP (Protect Your Inner Princess) that addresses teen issues like bullying, self confidence, racism, self worth and body image. Claudia reaches out to children to help them connect with their true self, feel confident, creating self worth and validating that children are perfect just they way they are. Claudia began to go to schools and classrooms and share her story of how these issues affected her when she was in school. She identifies with the children, then explains how she got through the tough times and how she turned her life around. Claudia’s approach is not only to identify the heart ache and overcome it, but how the overall wellness in ones life is what truly benefits an individual. Our children are tomorrow’s future, her goal is to set them up for success!

Claudia is blessed with a wonderful marriage, a joyous family and an amazing handful of friends, she enjoys spending time with them, as well as her two dogs, Sophie and Mini. She enjoys traveling, watching movies and spending time with the love of her life Darren, who is her biggest supporter and best friend. She is currently writing a book, and has completed a screenplay for a feature film. The movie is based on a love story, the strength of woman and how substance abuse can ruin it all. Claudia is searching for the right production company to take on the project.