A New Journey

A message from Claudia, Owner of The Pomegranate Tree!

Claudia EvansOn a NEW Journey.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to send out this personal message to let you know that I am embarking on a journey to help more women and teens. I have been in the health industry for 22 years now and I have been healing hundreds of women with Therapeutic Massage, Life Coaching, Energy Work, Intuitive Counselling, Meditation Classes and Personal Development Courses.

My entire life changed last year when I found out that I was pregnant.

Darren and I were so thrilled to know that we were going to be parents. This was something we wanted for quiet some time. But our world was shattered when we found out in my second trimester that our daughter had a chromosome disorder and would never survive.

My daughter Maya died.

It was an absolutely horrific time in our lives and we were devastated. You know when they say a parent should never survive their childits unbelievably true. I can honestly say, in the past, I have tried to imagine what it would feel like to put myself in someone else’s shoes, but with this.you cant. Unless you have been through it, you can never even comprehend it. The emotional pain is something that just tares you apart and breaks you in half. My daughter Maya died on Sept. 11th, 2014. The pain will never go away, but I have chosen to be at peace with it.

But here is the thing.even though I suffered a tremendous loss, the craziest thing happened. In the deepest part of my pain, I found FREEDOM! I was free of everything that was holding me back in life. I let go of all the things that were no longer serving me and I became crystal clear on who I was and what I wanted out of life. AND I realized that FREEDOM or lack of freedom was the missing link in order to achieve the life you want to live.

I needed to share this with more women.

So, because of my revelation, combined with who I am and how Im addicted to helping women, I knew I needed to share this with more women. The result of my new found freedom is to reach more women then ever before and wake them up to this missing link of freedom so they can truly live a life they love and feel amazing doing it. This has developed into 10 e-books, courses, speaking events and retreats. I have dedicated my life to personal development work and the accumulation of my life experiences has set me up to help women find Feminine Freedom!

I dare you to ask yourself . Are you Free?

Stay tuned for more to come about Feminine Freedom. Watch out for my upcoming webinar that will teach you The 9 Steps to Creating Freedom in Your Life.

For now, please click to get your own FREE copy of the e-Book Feminine Freedom For The Everyday Girl.

Big Hugs

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